D' origine africaine

Tribe. A culture and a Brand United. The Tribe range of textured coatings have been created to bring a new dimension to interior decoration. Each of the products in our texture range speak of a rich African heritage expertly crafted to contribute to interior décor styles that are as diverse as classical, modern, ethnic, contemporary or anything in between. Application procedures for textured coatings can sometimes be complex; it is therefore advisable that specialist applicators are used when in doubt. The Tribe texture range offers intrigue, diversity and interest to interior and exterior surfaces - whether these are in Timbuktu or Toronto.


The African Buffalo enjoys wallowing in the mud...



The barren red sands of the Kalahari are home to the Bushmen...



Known as the Roof of Africa, with snow-capped peaks and...



Along the stunning mosaic of waterways, lagoons and...



With its spectacular coastline, steep cliffs and tropical...



Founded by nomads at the dawn of the twelfth century, Timbuktu...



Still largely unexplored, few rivers in the world...


Iron Paint

In Africa age stands for wisdom and experience and...


Color retaining primer

Transparent water-based varnish.


Wall Wax

Transparent was turpentine base for treatment...


Palet of Africa

The evocative hues of a vast, ancient continent are captured with luxurious, vivid intensity in Tribe.
A paint range with an African heartbeat, unfettered in its visual intensity and rawness of spirit Tribes. In Africa they’re bound together by blood, honour and kinship. Within each tribe, there is ritual that unites and colourful traditions that bind. In this palette, each colour is derived from a different region, conjuring the soulspaces of people whose connection to the earth is as natural as breathing. From the plains of Kenya and Tanzania, the deserts of the Sahara and the jungles of Gabon, tot he majestic highlands of Zimbabwe, the snowcapped Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the dazzling white beaches of the Indian Ocean Islands, colourful traditions are part of life. The Swahili, teh Yoruba, the Masai, the Himba, the Herero. Their very names evoke visual poetry. Distilled into 70 colours, Tribe is the essence of Africa, condensed.

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